18 November 2010

Successful shopping trip

Hello people! today i actually have a proper blog post! woaaah i hear you say. Yes! i took a few pictures for you lovely people today. first off all i wanted to show you some trousers i tried on today in Topshop, i may be a bit in love actually? what do you all think of them. Sadly i couldn't buy them because i am poor at the moment. But they're just what I'm looking for and i'm in love with the camel colour this season. NEED them in my life. anyone want to lend me £48?? would be much appreciated. they are so comfy too which was great, kind of a stretchy material so it made me love them even more.

so now on to my day, It was a good day actually. I had no college! which is a rare event at the moment ( i feel like my whole life is just college college college) so yeah it was a free day. but i still had to get up at 9 o'clock because i went to meet my old friends up at their college, was nice seeing them all actually! then i went for a trip to town with some of them. it ended up just being me and Lily in the end because they all went home. It was a miserable day in the weather front, horrible rainy day! at one point of the day i had to shelter in the library..and i do not like libraries education and books NO thanks! but then we went to Starbucks so all in all it was good
Toffe nut lattte

so what i wore today was much the same as most days, god my outfits are getting boring! I wore my denim fur jacket, then my stripey H&M top. I layered alot aswell with my American Apparel jumper and my H&M skirt, need some outfit inspiration me thinks! 
also added some pictures of my purchases today. I didn't have that much money and i was going to buy a nice thick wooly jumper from Debenhams topshop because it was a special 20% off day! but as i went to pay i counted my money and realised i didn't actually have enough :'( sad times. so instead i went and bought some small accessories..such as scarfs! you all know i love my scarfs so i have 2 more to add to my ever growing collection. I have finally bought myself a snood this ones from H&M for 7.99 which i thought was pretty good! i thought maybe i should go for a more exciting colour cause i saw a really nice mustard yellow scarf in there the other day. but they didn't have it, so i went for this! it's SO comfy. my other scarf is one from Beyond retro for £3! bargain in my eyes, i think i might wear it as a headscarf, but if not just as a scarf! 


  1. I can't wait to try that drink at Starbucks. I love the colour of your trousers. They are expensive, maybe there'll be a sale on soon.

  2. Those trousers look amazing and you have such a great figure! xx

  3. vitoria india- I know right! very much in love with them. just wish i could afford them :( x

    Vintage dreams- i wasn't that keen on it! i mean it was ok but i much prefer chair tea lattes. Oh that would be so good if they were on sale! maybe i should wait for the january sales?

    Shabna- aww thankyou! I disagree alot about my figure haha but thanks xx

  4. Owh those trousers are perfect! I want a pair of tailored harems from Miss Selfridge, I keep banging on about them hahaha (: xx

  5. amazing trousers :)


  6. Trousers are lovely! I'm also obsessed with the camel colour this season.
    Maybe ask for them for Christmas?! x

  7. michelle- ooh yes yes tailored harems! i want some tooooo xx

    lydia-lee- there great arn't they! need them in my life haha x

    Kim parslow- i don't own any camel coloured things at the moment. what is wrong with me!? need some of it in my wardrobe. oooh good idea, can i wait that long though haha? x

  8. i want those trousers! great find <3
    love love.


  9. I love those pants from top shop! Too bad i dont have a top shop around me. Your scarves are great too!

  10. I think your the first fellow Brightoner that I've come across in the blogworld! yay! Those Topshop trousers are lovely, I was eyeing them the last time I was in there. x
    p.s: you have such good hair, I wish mine was that long.


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