01 October 2010

Hair, hair and more hair

So I'm feeling inspired and in the need for a change. but i have a dilemma, so i thought I'd get some help from you lot! here is my dilemma. I've been wanting a straight cut fringe for so long and i tried it out once and it went wrong because i have a Cowlick where my fringe grows so my hair doesn't lye flat..unless i spend AGES on it. but i really want a fringe. I've been looking through some pictures and here is what I'm thinking

my hair, to show what my fringe looks like
the hair i desperately want!

I'm a little bit in love with this women's hair (and style at that matter) it's so lovely. I'm thinking off something like that? My hair is at exactly the same length aswell and it's about that wavy too..I NEED your opinion what do you lot think? could i pull it off...

Honest opinion's please! even if you think it'll look shit on me..I want to know!


  1. i like ur bllog aand follow hope u like my blog and follow


  2. definitely think a full fringe would really suit you! your hair is already pretty similar to the first image so it would look great, go for it :)
    Jaymie x


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!