30 August 2010

Monday Blog

so this post is inspired by the lovely llymlrs. I love her blog and read it alot. Every Sunday she does a 'Sunday portrait' so I thought I'd do something similar every Monday I'll talk about my week ahead and the things I have planned and things that are on my wish list (clothes) so here I go!

so this photo is sort of an old photo, I think it was taken some time last year. it must of been cause my hair was long and so was my fringe which is no longer the case :( I cut my fringe into a straight cut and hated it so now it's quite short and growing out. anyway so it's bank holiday Monday today and the weathers quite nice but of course I've left all my work to last minute so I'm having to spend most of this week trying to finish..or even start my summer project for college. It's horrible and I hate it! but I need to finish it.
Urban outfitters £38
anyway this week is a boring week so there isn't much to say actually. hopefully my mum'll take me shopping this week because I get a present for doing well in my GCSE's I got : 1 B, 4 C's, 3 D's, and an E haha not  too great but good for me! I passed most of them and have enough to get to college so that's all that matters. and I'm so happy I got a B in textiles it's what I've been needing to lift my self esteem cause I always think I'm rubbish at things so this has proven me wrong. kind off. this weeks wishlist mostly includes things from H&M and that's an annoying thing because they don't have a website where I can show you pictures! but I'll try and explain them the best I can. firstly I've seen a shirt from H&M that I'm in love with, it has flowers on it and I've been wanting a floral shirt for ages. I was thinking off getting a more vintage one off ebay but I'm not sure if I can go through the hassle of Ebay at the moment. another thing I'm lusting over is a checked shirt/dress from H&M, it's green and black checked and i thought it would look great with either woolly tights and my lace up boots. or with a belt and no tights for when it's warmer! this morning I was looking on the Urban outfitters website. normally I think it's too expensive and I can never afford anything from there! apart from the AMAZING sale they have in January but obviously that's not till ages away but I saw these boots and loved them too much. i saw some in office last year and they looked sort of the same as this but they costed about £80! these only cost £38 so I'm hopefully going to order them soon. I've also been wanting some baggy t-shirts for college and i found the perfect ones in topshop! I love this grey t-shirt and I think it'll go with lots of things and it's something that's comfy but fashionable at the same time!
Topshop T-shirt £15

if you've read all of this then I love you! I have rambled on abit haven't I.


  1. cute blog! You are really pretty x

  2. i love lily's blog too and your hair is gorgeous!<3

  3. nice post(: the Urban Outfitters shoes are amazing!
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

  4. Lady Bird- Thank-you! so are you x

    *rachelwears- Yeah her blogs amazing! i lvoe it. and thankyou i wish it was still like this :(

    Effie- DONE! followed. and i know there great arn't they and cheap too just what i like x


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