23 August 2010

Topshop loving

topshop, topshop,topshop..who doesn't love it? well recently not me. I just haven't really been inspired by it and not really finding anything interesting. But I'm glad to say i think my phase of not liking topshop may have subsided. I was looking on the website today and I love some of the new things coming in. I even did a wish list and it included alot of things and a very high price tag which sadly i can't afford seeing as i don't have a job and I'm 16 living of my parents. but here are a few things that I'm loving for the autumn months 

first off all shoes..this autumn i think i will be living in brogues and boots these topshop brown brogues are amazing I love them and i love the colour of them. shame they cost £50 but i guess there worth it.
also this autumn knowing the English weathers it's going to be chilly so i will be buying some chunky knits and warm socks
i love this knitted cardigan in topshop. it looks so old and warm.  althought it is £48 I'm thinking maybe i'll just look round some charity shops and see if they have any..or even ask my grandad I'm sure he'll have some! but i love the trend of big knits so much and I'm loving autumn fashion.
sorry for not blogging everyday. I have been busy looking after my younger cousins this week. but hopefully i will do an outfit post this week! I really want to do one.
Tomorrow I'm picking up my GCSE results and I'm so scared. If i fail textiles then I'm screwed. but I'm sure I'll be fine. wish me luck!


  1. Those shoes would go great with the sweater too! Beautiful sweater! Anddd... good luck!

  2. your blog is so adorable, i love it! i'm a new blogger too, so i feel your pain! i get new comments and followers almost daily now, what i would say is just go around and look at/comment on other people's blogs and they'll look at yours (: good luck! ♥

  3. Cosy woolly knits. Can't wait for winter :)

  4. I love chunky knit cardigans always trying to find some in charity shops!

  5. Those brogues are super pretty. I just did a Topshop online order and I can't wait for my items to arrive!


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