29 August 2010

First outfit post

H&M tunic £10.99
Office shoes £55
So today in Brighton the weather was weird. one minute it's warm and one minute it's winter weather. days like this i find it hard to know what to wear. so this is my outfit for today, sorry about the horrible quality I haven't actually got a good quality camera yet. I'm hoping to get one soon! so here is what I wore today. quite boring but I thought the T-shirt stood out so i didn't want to over accessorize it. so i teamed it with just plain black leggings from topshop and a grey cardigan from H&M. the T-shirt was a bargain in my eyes only cost a tenner from H&M and it's something i could see myself wearing lots! as i could wear it tucked in or as a dress (might be a tad too short) but yeah i think it's something i could experiment with. I wore my gladiator sandals from office with it. I'm in love with these shoes they go with everything and i love the colour of them. it's a shame the weathers cold at the moment cause there more of a summer shoe

I also used my new bag today! I bought it for college because I needed a big bag for when I start so I can carry all my art supply's in it. I think it does the job and it only cost me £9 from primark bargain!
I'm also getting £50 this week for doing well in my GCSE's so hopefully I'll be buying some new clothes which i am in desperate need off! I'm thinking either some lace up boots. or i might spend my money wisely and buy some cheap stuff from primark and H&M. I've seen some nice stuff in there recently! so I'll keep you posted on how my shopping goes

I also want to apologise about my lack of blogging and that my blog has been pretty crap recently. I will try and make it more interesting now and post more often. if you have any suggestions on what i should post either email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk or you could follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/roseedl
Thank-you lovely people! xo


  1. I love this top! I had one very very similar from H&M, but it got ruined in the wash! :(

    Looking lovely,

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  2. I love black and white stripes. It's very french :p I love the outfit and defintely go for the cheaper option on clothes. I haven't been in to H&M yet but Primark stuff is sooo nice right now :)

  3. Very cute outfit! I am always a fan of stripes.


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