17 August 2010

Primark obsession

So I know alot of bloggers have shown the Primark A/W collection but i thought i would show some pieces i like. normally i don't like primark as some of the stuff seems cheap and not that appealing but lately my opinion has change. I'm loving the new stuff in there. recently i have bought a lace dress (£3) which i love. a playsuit (£13) which i also love shame the weathers not been nice but i guess i could wear it with some tights. and here are some other things i am also investing in.
1. these nude brogues, I love them and i also love how they have a small heel. I was shopping in Primark a couple of days ago and saw some brown ones and almost bought them but decided against it. and of course now I regret it! so as soon as i get some money I'm off to buy them they are only £12 so i thought why the hell not. and also when these come in to my local Primark i think i might have to buy them aswell. I'm loving the nude colour at the moment.
2. I also love this jumpsuit. I have never bought a jumpsuit before and keep meaning too but I'm always afraid that i would look short in it. but because this is a primark one and probably going to be reasonable cheap i thought i would. as soon as it comes in to my local Primark I'm going to buy it. i thought i could wear it with a denim jacket for when it's a bit chilly.

I'm really looking forward to autumn season now. i love the whole look such as chunky knits and boots. I am going to be investing in a pair of good boots this autumn i think. i have some black lace up boots  from topshop but i feel like i wear black too much so i think i might get  a pair of tan or brown coloured boots.
I think my next post will be on autumn fashion and boots so please follow!


  1. I've always wanted to buy a jumpsuit, but I've never found the right one! Kind of frustrating. xD

    Brown boots would be a great investment! I think you'd like brown boots better then black boots :)

  2. LOVE the jumpsuit. I love playsuits even more too :D

    Fab blog, definitely be back :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx

  3. You're right Primark (Penny's here in Ireland) is definitely improving. I saw boots on boohoo.com that I almost bought for £40 and then got nearly identical ones in Primark for £12 :O


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