02 August 2010

This is the first post of Hedley-rose, I should probably start of by telling you about myself

Who? Rose Davidson-leech I'm 16 almost 17 which is VERY scary, from Brighton, my real name is Hedley but I don't like it so please call me Rose! which is what my whole family and friends call me, I'm a triplet with 2 brothers (yes it is dreadful) and I have just finished school and will be going on to do an Art course.

What? this blog is new and I'm not even sure how to work it, but i will give it my best try to make it exciting, I will use it to post my interests and things I like, so it will probably mostly contain Fashion and textiles, as I am trying to pursue that as a career!

When? Now i guess? I have a tumblr blog which I started just over a week ago, but that's not a very good start, so here it is my first ever blog and I hope I get some followers!

Where? I live in the amazing town of Brighton in East Sussex, I love it and couldn't think of a better place to live, it's fun exciting and has great opportunity, I love the fashion and art around Brighton, the vintage shops and everything, it's so inspiring, I am hoping to move to London when I am older though as I believe that's the best place to start a career

Why? Well really just to show you my interests and my Fashion, because it's a passion of mine..not sure how this blog will turn out maybe it wil turn out to be an Art blog! seeing as I am doing an Art course at college, who knows, but I hope people enjoy it!


  1. Ah, so wish I could be 16 again and decide to study fashion (officially, lol) Good luck with your blog!! :) x

  2. Good luck with your blog! Thanks for the follow, I'll return the favor (:


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