09 December 2013


Kia Ora! I am in New Zealand, finally after all the saving, loneliness and early morning skype dates I am finally back with Ed and in NZ
I am so happy to be here (srsly those 11 hour flights back to back KILLED me) and I feel so at home here already its brilliant
If I'm honest I haven't done that much in the last 3 weeks, but I think its because this isn't a 'holiday' I live here now so I was taking the time to settle in and get to grips with my surroundings, I will update you all anyway as I have a lot of photos.


week one was a weird week I arrived on Thursday morning at 7am and I cant explain or describe to you how amazing it was to see Ed at the airport, I had just done two 11 hour flights back to back and i felt like I was dying, I was so disorientated as I fully couldn't get to grips with what was happening, but as I walked out of arrivals I saw him standing there in a suit with a bunch of white roses.... I have never been so happy before in my life.
I arrived to a lovely sunny day and came straight back to Eds house, It was so odd as I felt straight at home here and I still do. Auckland is a welcoming place the whole city just has a really, really nice vibe to it.
after sleeping A LOT I then started to go see things, first up was Kere Kere beach 

I'm yet to find a beach in New Zealand that isn't breathtaking. KareKare was beautiful and it was a super hot day too. I couldn't believe that this was a 20 minute drive from Eds house, the drive was really stunning too through forest which looked like bloody tropical rainforests haha.
After that I didn't do much we lazed about and got drunk and had hungover pizza but then I went to see Mission Bay which according to Ed is an 'average beach'
the drive there was pretty awesome too, I love the sky tower in Auckland you can see it from everywhere!
A not so average beach!


Week two was a good week (not that week one was bad at all)
but I went on a little holiday with Ed over to Waihi Beach which is about a 2 hour drive down from Auckland, Eds family own a 'Bach' down there which is just a house a 3 bedroom house on the beach. I was so excited
Waihi beach is yet another beautiful place, It was a shame as the first couple days the weather wasn't fantastic but it was okay! to me it was a pretty good day weather wise because i wasn't freezing my tits off and it wasn't raining.. I guess thats one good thing about coming from England, I can appreciate even the slightly cloudy but warm days haha!
the last day we went on a big walk along Karangahake Gorge which was beautiful! all the old gold mining caves and train tracks, I really enjoyed that even though I was a bit ill that day!

Thats really it after we came back from Waihi beach we haven't done much since but go around some Op shops (charity shops) and laze about.

I love it here, and I can't wait to see what these next 2 years bring!


  1. I'm so glad you're having such a good time, everything paid off! enjoy your time with him xxxx

  2. Looks amazing! x

  3. Looks absolutely amazing, so glad you're settling in well!!

    Julia x

  4. Ahh!! This is so awesome! So happy you finally got to New Zealand! It looks such a beaut country xox

  5. Everything looks so pretty, what a beautiful place! I'm sure you'll love these two years hun, lots of luck for you two! xxx

  6. I'm am SO jealous!!! I went to New Zealand earlier this year and it was just my favourite place on earth, absolutely stunning x

  7. What a beautiful place!! xx



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