12 November 2013

One week to go

With only one week to go (WHAT THE F) I thought I'd update you all on.. Well everything as I have neglected this blog a lot over these last few months.

Since coming back from Spain I'm not going to lie I've probably been the most miserable I've ever been, the first week without Ed was one of the hardest and I never want to have to go through that again. Its sad because as I say that I know in my mind that I WIlL have to go through it all again as thats what you get when your in love with someone who lives in New Zealand but what ever happens it'll all work out. Thats my motto in life and these last few months have made me realise that 'Everything happens for a reason'. Specially when I lost my job, I started to work straight away when I got home from saying goodbye to Ed and sadly I lost my job a couple days after (fuck you homesense) and after that I went back into my miserable stage and excluding myself from things but a week later I got a phone call from Primark and had an interview which I then later got the job for (SEE everything DOES happen for a reason)

and since then I have worked my fucking arse off, and made as much money as I possible can
I guess thats all I can really update you on as I haven't really done much else.
i cant explain the feelings I have at the moment, one minute I'm sad as hell about leaving my friends and family and then I'm so excited to do what I'm doing, then scared, then happy... Its confusing

with one week left though I am trying to fit in everything I can before I leave, it is a shame I'm working this week but I'm fitting things in before I work and after. Spending as much time with my family and friends as I can.

I guess thats it! I will update you all on my journey to NZ. Maybe some tips on long haul or how I dealt with it (seriously I dont know how I will) and of course I will be blogging through out my time in New Zealand (if I'm slacking someone kick me up the arse)

so, so long and see you on the flip side

if you would like to see some tips I wrote up about preparing for a big move/travelling then check them out on Emmas blog! LINK


  1. oh wow, I have absolutely no advice for you but I'm sure you're going to have a trip of a lifetime! some of my closest friends are from new zealand and they all say it's fab, I'm sure you're going to love it.



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