10 May 2013

Instagram 2

1.  Fed a squirrel some pizza and it enjoyed it
2. My old dog Blossom - 17 and still going strong (ish)
3. BBQ on lumpy land (If you can see the lumps behind) 
4. Same day 
 1. No make up tired face
2. Beaching it with Edward
3. Finally grew my nails and tried my hand at Nail art..
4. Best burgers in town. 
 1. Sunday Roast made by the gods (MY MUM) SO GOOD
2. OOTD before it started getting warm
3. New Summer clothes buying (Shorts from Zara, Crop Top from Primark)
4. Newly legal driver Lily
 1. A fun day out in Thorpe Park, I hated you stealth
2. Ed in his new Hawaiian shirt Oh I love him
3. Pedalo likes his belly rubs
4. Trying to catch up with Ed while he rides his skateboard
 1. Average Brighton picture
2. Clock tower being covered in t-shirts
3. Catching the last of the sun in the garden with beers
4. Another one of Blosom

 1. Squished
2. My favourite pyjama bottoms (Primark)
3. My obsession with Gelly Hi Shine isn't stopping soon
4. Trying to get organised! Scaaary shit man
1. Lovely sunset from my bedroom window
2. Same night amazing sky!
3. New nail varnish
4. Chilli Cheese frys from the Diner when I attended the AX Paris event.

Thought this would be a good idea so you could see what I've been up too lately. These aren't really in order which is annoying me slightly but oh well. I haven't been up to much as always my life is pretty boring but my best friend did pass her driving test so we've been taking little trips, First was Thorpe Park! mainly been sitting in the sun, looking for jobs and trying to sort out my New Zealand plans.

NOTE TO SELF DO NOT EVER GO CLUBBING- Slightly depressing.. No VERY depressing, I had my IPhone stolen last night in a shitty fucking club so I probably wont be 'instagraming for a while'  until I either get a new one or die in a hole. I hate loosing things or in this case getting things stolen.


  1. Aaw no Rose :( People can be absolutely vile! I'm so sorry you got your phone stolen. xxx

    1. I know :( makes me sad to think some crappy persons got it now hahha. Thanks for the comment xx

  2. blossom is so so cute, her little face!
    aww thats crap, i always feel like thats going to happen to me but who would want to steal my shitty blackberry!
    hope you get a new one soon lovely xxxxxxx

    1. aww little bloss! she's so old now she's 17!
      I'm back to my blackberry and i gotta say i hate it hahah! never taking my phone out clubbing with me again.
      Thanks xxx

  3. Awww such a cute dog! Ah maan, i hate selfish bastards like that!! I hope you sort out a way of getting a new one! If you haven't had it that long it might still be under the insurance thing?

    Also, thank you for following me! Means a lot! xxx

    1. Aw thanks! yeah I'd only had it for 5 weeks. But I bought it like off someone as they didn't want it as their upgrade and stupidly didn't get insurance or anything. BUT it was under the house insurance so I'm getting a replacement :)
      aw thats okay xxx

  4. Love these photos! My friend passed her test recently, having a friend that can drive is such a life saver. That sucks about your phone! Hope you can get a new one!


    1. Its so good eh? I love it. Specially as I can now have a mcdonalds drive thru hahaha.

  5. That totally sucks - I had my phone stolen once but magically it was returned.. I don't think most people are so lucky! Looove that tangerine nail polish! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds Blog / Vintage Store Credit Giveaway!)

    1. I keep thinking that it might be posted through my letterbox with a note like 'i found this and i am returning it' But no:( lucky you got yours returned!
      thank you its the barry M gelly hi shines so nice.

  6. Oh my god that ROAST, I'm hungry just looking at it! That's such a shame about your phone, I had my camera stolen in a club a couple of years ago, so gutted ;-( x

    1. ah just wanna say it made me VERY happy that you commented on my blog. I love yours so much!
      so gutting isn't it :( I think a camera would be worse dunno how you must've felt!
      oh and I know my mum is a very good roast maker hahah xx

  7. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your iphone!

    Sarah x

    1. horrible isn't ! silly Brighton clubs. Oh well x

  8. Blossom is the cutest!!! Sorry to hear you had your phone stolen! :-(

  9. Blossom is gorgeous, what breed is she? xx


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!