26 March 2013

White Stripes

| Jumper Monki | Jeans Asos | Studded Vest Topshop|

Sorry for the photo heavy post for such a boring outfit. I am SO bored right now and the boyfriends out for beers so I thought I'd blog some of these photos that I took today (although wasn't going to use as they're not really that good) But boredom does things to you.
So yesterday I had a little trip up to London with my Nan, Dad and Mum to visit my Uncle who's just got out of hospital (chopped his hand in half, and has a missing finger, Ouch! god damn you big scary saws)  
It was a lovely day and nice to see my Uncle in high spirits, He's my favourite person. We were walking along Carnaby Street after lunch, And I couldn't not go in Monki so I ventured in and found this jumper with 50% off! My nan kindly bought it for me and I am in love. Hasn't pictured very well it does look a lot nicer in person I promise!
I wore it with my favourite ever jeans that I recently got from Asos. I've said before that I normally don't branch out from my usual Topshop Leigh jeans but I'm so glad I did as these are bloody good and are so high waisted and flattering. All for £28! (sorry for the slight zip undone) I think I'm going to get the black pair soon.

I thought I'd quickly show you this as well as it arrived in the post today. Quite a while ago I went up to London for a shoot with the lovely Jazzabelle and this is what it was for! so weird to see myself in the pages of a book but its actually pretty fuckin good and I really do like the photographs (I hope that doesn't sound too vain) but the colours in the book are just incredible, And I am definitely going to start up knitting again not that I'm any good but this book has some really good instructions, I'm going to try the bobble hats first.

Oh I almost forgot, Anyone else going to the AX Paris event? hoping to go, Just also hoping I'm not a shy dick like I always am, Anyone wanna meet before hand? Help this lonesome blogger not go in by herself? I'd be much appreciated.  Or Any Brighton bloggers travelling up? Give me a shout on Twitter!

Love, Rose


  1. The jeans look so nice - I really like the look of Topshop Joni jeans but I've heard so many bad things about them tearing so these might be a better option, my Leigh ones rip after only a couple of months! So amazing that you're in a book as well, I love knitting and you've definitely inspired me to pick up my needles again! xx

    1. Yeah I was going to go for the Joni jeans but I really didn't like the fact they didn't have any pockets on the front?! really annoyed me haha so I went for these, And I really glad I did. They are thicker denim as well so don't go baggy.

  2. I think I got the black pair of these. They're the ASOS own super high waisted ones? I hope they're good!

  3. Those jeans look greeaaatt! I love high waisted jeans but they always seem so expensive to me because I am always skint:( Dying to build a little collection though somehow. Love the photos of you in the knitting book, the colours look amazing!



  4. That jumper is so cute and you look stunning with it! I started knitting last month and I'm loving it ahaha! Oh it must be so exciting to appear in a book like this xx

  5. That outfit really flatters you! Those pants look great!

  6. that sweater is adorable, really interesting detail for a knit.


  7. gorgeous jumper, really suits you! <3
    the photos of you in the book are so lovely :)


  8. Oh my goodness I adore the jeans, might even get myself a pair in a mo, how incredible!!xx

  9. I'm desperate to learn how to knit!!! Haha - might have to buy the book you're in ;) Love the jumper :)
    Hope your uncle recovers quickly!!!

    Robyn Mayday

  10. I love this outfit - your sense of style is amazing!
    Hope your well xx

    P.s the book looks amazing :)

  11. Love this outfit people seem to always find such good pieces in monki but I never think to go in will have to soon! Love the jeans will check them out on asos now! x


  12. I love your outfit! especially the same detail of the studs. x


  13. Love this look; its fab! <33 The jumper is absolutely gorgeous! I love to knit so much as well, my grandma taught me and I love doing it when I have some spare time on my hands! :)

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel Lipstick and some Maybelline goodies! :))


  14. Super cute!

    xo Jennifer


  15. cute jumper

    Check out my new post

  16. suuuuuch a cute outfit


  17. I completely nearly bought that book the other day in Waterstones! You are famous! :O And I love your outfit so much! What a stylish Missy you are! XXX

  18. wowowowwwww, youre face is beautiful and that jumper is sooo niiiice! I love your photos as well!
    The book looks so cute! This is amazing! xx


  19. Love your jumper and jeans, they're lovely! Ooh I might be going to the AX Paris event, need to double check dates etc. though :) xx

  20. Love this outfit, looks amazing on you! As bloody always xxxxx

  21. I love your outfit - you look so nice in everything! xx

    dozen dresses

  22. That's a gorgeous top (:
    Really loved your style and blog! I'm a new follower x


  23. I do love the outfit! The jumper looks so soft and cosy. Need something lie this as my boiler is done at the minute, literally sat here with my coat on, ha!



  24. I love the photographs! Likeee all the close up details (: good luck with yer obble hat! xxoxoxo


  25. Just found your blog and I love it! You look lovely xo

  26. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  27. You look awesome lovely <3
    Can't wait for our shooooot!

  28. gorgeous jumper...you look great


  29. That is such a nice jumper, I'll have to look in Monki because I've been after an oversized jumper for so long! Also congratulations on your shoot and I hope the AX Paris event wasn't too bad! xx

  30. really cute jumper, looks so comfy and snuggly <3


  31. Woah, can I have your legs please? They are great (said in the least pervy way possible). Also, I love the slouchy jumper with the fancy strap showing through, so much more interesting than the typical bra strap!

    E x


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