11 March 2013

Caseable Giveaway! *NOW CLOSED*

Very excited to announce my first ever giveaway with the lovely people over at Caseable, you could have a chance of winning your very own case. Above are a few examples of what you could win, They have everything from Iphone cases to Kindle and Laptops, if your feeling creative you can also design your own which I think is a really unique thing to do, If you would like to read my post on my own caseable case then click here. So if you would like to win a case of your choice from Caseable then here is what you have to do.
  • Firstly be following me on GFC (I will be checking!)
  • Follow me on twitter HERE
  • Follow Caseable on twitter HERE
  • Sign up to the Caseable newsletter (Which also gets you a £5 voucher) HERE
  • And lastly just leave me a comment and tell me you've entered and what you've done, Leaving your email address so I can contact you! And your twitter name.
And that is it! the giveaway will end on the 18th of March, Next Monday! so get your entries in quick. I will select the winner using random generator and email/tweet you that same day.

I would also like to say (as I didn't realise I would be so close when I posted this) thank you SO much to everyone as I am so close to 900 followers. All the support and everything has just been amazing- Especially as I haven't the greatest blogger at times. But again thanks so much.


  1. Oooh I need a new phone case, would love to win this! Done everything :) and congrats on the followers!

    Julia x

  2. hi! i've entered the giveaway, with all the entries! :) thankyou for holding this lovely giveaway and congratulations on being so close to 900 followers! @just_jess93 xx

  3. I've entered with all the entries :-). Email adress is danniidark@hotmail.co.uk and twitter name is @DanniiDark new laptop or kindle case would be perfect for uni! xx

  4. Oooooh wow, my tablet would LOVE one of these! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on being so close to 900, that's a huge achievement! Done all of the above, gfc Courtzz, Twitter @xcourtzz

    Thanks again!
    c.childs@live.co.uk x

  5. Yay I've done all of the above, fingers crossed these look AWESOME.


  6. Those cases are so cute. I've done all of the above and my email is winnylee@rocketmail.com and my twitter is @winnylee

    Winny x

  7. Those cases are so cute.
    I've done all of the above!

    Winny x
    (p.s. Sorry if this message has come through twice!)

  8. OMG i love their case


    Coline ♡

  9. These are such nice cases!!

    1. Hello, Just wondering if you've done all the steps required to enter this giveaway?

  10. Such a lovely giveaway! I've done all the steps to have a chance of winning.
    Email: chloe_taylor_96@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter: Chloe_Ella_

  11. I've done all the steps that are required, this is a great giveaway! The elephant iPhone case is the cutest thing I've seen!
    Email: hannahapps12@hotmail.co.uk
    Twitter: hnnhchlmrpps

  12. This is sooo exciting, I've done all of them.
    Email: eleanor_s@rocketmail.com
    twitter: elnrlou

  13. I've done all the required bits, and just had a look around the site, so much awesomeness! @belledurbrighton and bdbrighton(at)live.co.uk
    Good luck to everyone else too:)


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!