09 February 2013


Jumper- Charity Shop
Dress worn as skirt- Topshop Petite
Belt- Unkown
Beanie- Ebay
Coat- Primark
Nail Varnish (not really seen)- Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry

Sorry for the rather crappy pictures here it was just as I was running out the door so I couldn't get very good ones, but I had to document the rare outing of my legs NOT in jeans.
YES ROSE IS WEARING A SKIRT, I was surprised too and actually very cold so I haven't done it since.
I bought this dress online at Topshop as I loved the colour but its originally meant to be the midi ones. I don't cooperate well with midi length so I bought the petite size 4 to make it a short one. A bit too short I must admit, I never wear dresses and this one especially for some reason I just really don't like the way it looks on me but I do like to wear it as a skirt. 
Beanies are my new obsession, And have been for a while now. I think its due to Eds obsession with his beanie too so I followed. He wears one EVERYDAY and I loved the way it looked on him so I stole a few of him. My favourite one being a black Charlotte Hornets one which is now mine. This one though was about 2 quid on Ebay, I would link but all you have to do is type Beanie into Ebay and it comes up. Loads of colours and so cheap! Oh I also bought this coat in Primark a couple of weeks ago as my old winter coat all the buttons have fallen off. I was originally going to buy this when it was 35 pounds but for me thats too much (come on primark) then magically one day I saw it reduced down to a tenner and I couldn't resist! Its a nice change to my usual leather jacket and keeps me warm in these never ending cold days. Apparently its going to snow AGAIN?

today I finally became a productive person and starting doing some textiles again. And If I'm honest it put me in the happiest mood! kind off forgot how much I liked doing textiles I'm definitely going to start back again, I do really need to work on my portfolio for next year so I should be doing it now anyway. I am working on a Steve Zissou embroidered piece for Ed's 21st as Life Aquatic is his favourite movie. Got to love a bit of Bill Murray 

Currently dreaming everyday of my 3 week holiday in Spain for most of July, please end soon cold weather I just want to lie in the sun and drink beers.
Got a few collaborations coming up soon which is exciting so they should be up in the next few weeks.
Hope your all having a great weekend so far. 
Love, Rose 


  1. this is lovely! you are so gorgeous!x


  2. that Primark coat is a pretty cool find! x x

  3. God, I hope it doesn't snow again! The coat is lovely, and a bargain to boot! xxx

  4. Love the colours, adore the clothesxx


  5. You look lovely! That beanie is just amazing. (I have a thing for beanies)! You look gorgeous Rose! :) x Laura


  6. This is such a simple but gorgeous outfit, I love the coat!Xx


  7. the beanie looks amazing on you! Unfortunately I can't really pull them off :/


  8. Bargain coat! I think I need to get myself some beanies.

  9. This coat is gorgeous, can't believe its good old primark! I love a good beanie, wear mine costantly in this horrible weather

  10. I love the simplicity of this outfit, your belt is lovely. A beanie is a life saver for bad hair days in winter!

    Jessica xo

  11. Lovely outfit! I adore that coat...primark have had some great coats in at the moment. You have such a lovely blog, I'll be returning soon!

  12. Amazing layering! Loving the minimal look, and the accessories -beanie and belt x

  13. wow the coat is from primark and it was a tenner!?! i wonder if they still have it.. it looks so warm and i love the material. x

  14. That coat is from Primark? What an amazing deal! Envious of your hair too, so long miss Rapunzel!

    Em x

  15. GREAT blog! I like your style ♥


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!