04 February 2013

50 things you don't need to know about me

1. My real name isn't Rose (IVE BEEN LYING TO YOU MWAHAH) 
2. My full name is actually Hedley Elisabeth Rose Davidson-Leech (Yes I very much dislike my real name, Come on parents HEDLEY really?)
3. I am a Triplet with 2 brothers. Two 19 year old brothers (lucky me)
4. I have a massive fear of boats, I can do ferries and stuff but I do not like small boats. I think its due to the fact I have a fear of deep water.
5.  I am a left hander
 6. I turned down a place at University which I now regret massively
7. I have a boyfriend called Edward who is from New Zealand
8. I played basketball for 7 years of my life (who would've thought. I am THE laziest person now)
9. I am a homely person I can spend a week in and wouldn't mind
10. I am an extremely shy person but used to be worse a year or 2 ago. I'm actually not too bad anymore
11. I modelled for a year but it has now fizzled out, Hopefully going to move to a different agency and try again
12. I plan to move my life to New Zealand at the end of this year (hopefully)
13. I have been blogging for almost 3 years
14. I was born and bred in Brighton
15. I can no longer remember who is the oldest out of me and my brothers
16. I once split my whole heel open from doing a flip on a trampoline
17. I am 5 foot 7 JUST 
18. I have 7 piercings which includes ear lobes, 1 second hole, tragus, helix, another one up the ear, belly button, nose (my favourite)
19. I have a dog that is mixed between a Shih Tzu, Papillon and a Pekingese  she is now 16 years old and according to my boyfriend she looks like a ewok
20. I have an obsession with cats and have 3 
21. my first tattoo is going to be a cat on my foot 
22. I am 19 and turn 20 in September which scares the shit out of me
23. I have green eyes
24. I spent 2 years doing an intense art course even though I can't draw for shit
25. I love anything textiles and hope to do it at University (when the times right)
26. I can't live without tea
27. I have a fear of future and thinking about what im doing in my life
28. I was born 2 months early so spent 2 months in an incubator and a breathing machine
29. I weighed 3lbs 3 when I was born and my brother was the size of my dads hand.
30. I have been with Ed a year and 3 months it happened out of no where but I have never been so in love before.
31.  I can't sleep during the day, ever
32. I have never dyed my hair and don't think I ever will
33. All I want to do in life is travel
34. I have no boobs (IM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS)
35. I have weird circulation and my feet and hands are almost always blue
36. My arse is so out of proportion to my body that its embarrassing. 
37. I used to never wear jeans but for 2 years I basically haven't worn anything else other than jeans.
38. I was named after this man yep I was named after a man because Blazing Saddles is one of my families life long favourite films 
39. I've been to Womad festival multiple times I started festivalling at a young age of about 6
40. I do not want to live in England when I'm older
41. I have never passed my Maths GCSE, I know I never will so I just haven't tried again after failing the first time with an E 
42. I get told by everyone and random people on the street that I look like twiggy
43. I wouldn't say I trust anyone 100%
44. I've never been good with anything academic
45. I did 'Child Development' at school even though I don't like children
46. I am the worst person at keeping in contact with people
47. I have an obsession with mint coloured things
48. I have now started to collect mugs from different places I go. I only drink my morning tea in my Amsterdam mug
49. I'm ridiculously stingy with my money 
50. My favourite film is a bugs life and I think it always will be. I used to have a toy of the caterpillar 

there you go, 50 random things that you really don't need to know about me but I thought I'd blog today and a lot of people have done it so I thought why not! Hope you enjoy


  1. Loved this! Like you, I am a much more homely person & was also (well, still kinda am) quite shy. Oh, and not forgetting our mutual love of tea!?

    1. woohoo mutual tea love, Yes I could stay at home for days!

  2. yay for left handers :) didn't know you were a triplet! It probably sounds cooler for the rest of us who aren't! ;) x

    1. Haha yeah I get it all the time like OMG THREE OF YOU and im like yep there just my annoying brothers hahah x

  3. Oh my gosh! When I first started reading your blog the first thing I thought was..TWIGGY! Hahahaa!


    1. Ahh I don't see it really much, Like I've had random strangers say it so I kinda must but still hah x

  4. How can you now like your name?! Hedley is awesome xx

    1. I like it when people say that, I despised it for years but recently I'm kinda seeing the good side of it. Specially as I get the nickname Hedders which is pretty funny hah xx

  5. This was cute to read... although I feel betrayed that you lied to us this whole time ;-) xx

    1. I'm sorry hahah people are so shocked when they realise cause they always say i just seem like a rose! never been called hedley in my life though! xx

  6. Love this post! It's great to find out more about you, I can't draw fro shit either yet I took Graphics at GCSE and it hasn't helped me doing my AS Levels yet and I don't think it ever will :')

    1. Thanks! haha at least someone is the same as me!

  7. Oooo I love reading those things about bloggers. I am so nosey! x

    1. So do I haha I've read like every single one of these 50 things tag i love being nosey x

  8. Thats so exciting that your coming to NZ!
    I love this type of post, i recently did the same one on my blog.
    Hope your well.


    1. I just hope it happens would be so good! I have to go.

  9. I had no idea your name was Hedley!! I love Elisabeth spelt with an s instead of a z. xxx

  10. Hi there! It is lovely this little peek into your life! I would dream of New Zealand too! And you totally look like Twiggy!

    Olive xox

  11. it's always nice to hear things about bloggers that you didn't know before!
    i might do a post like this :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  12. hahaha i took childcare at school too when i don't like kids either and i even got an A*!! hedley is such a cool name! my real name's actually saphia, but i think i hated it as a child and got everyone to call me sophie which is so embarrassing to tell people, i hate anyone finding out haha. i feel like it's too late to change back and would just be weird as well. can relate to quite a few of your facts actually.. i'd love to travel if money were no option, have no boobs, never died my hair, rather shy but better than i used to be and very homely :)

  13. Hedley is a sick name, especially for blogging! more original than rose too ;)


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