18 September 2012

Recent Purchases

Now i am the kind off person who (well I like to think) is sensible with my money but recently that thought has gone out the window and I have just gone kind of crazy on the shopping, But I am now stocked up on things as I haven't been properly shopping in months and months so it's actually rather nice! here is some of the things I've bought in the recent weeks.
Jeans- Topshop £40
Finally got myself these every time i went in they never had my size but yesterday was my lucky day! I love them. Was a tie between these or a new pair of black they have in which are so good, kinda grey/black with burgundy lining. Might go back and get those too hah.
Sequin Top- Topshop £36
Now this is so unlike me spending 30 odd quid on just a vest but I fell in love with this top and had to buy it. I was in town looking for something to wear for my birthday and I don't do dresses so I thought a nice smart dressy top will do! and I got this one. I love the navy colour too. 
Shorts- Urban Outfitters £38
Fuck I still feel a bit funny when I realise that I just bought a pair of plain black shorts for almost 40 quid! But I absolutely love them. They are so flattering and are high waisted which is even better! this and the top above are going to be my birthday night out attire I think!
Peplum 3/4 length top- Primark £5
I finally got myself a Peplum top! After seeing them on fucking everyone. I was shopping alone in Primark and came across this on its own and in my size so I thought I had to get it! and I kind off prefer the longer sleeves then the other ones that are more like vest. And for a fiver you can't really go wrong.
Cut Out Shirt- Forever 21 £12
Went on a bit of a Forever 21 shop when I first got some money into my bank account cause I remembered how much I loved my last things I got from there and wore my polka dot shirt to death! this is something that isn't me at all but I really like it! and think it'll be good to wear out and to dress down layered under jumpers! 
Mint Jumper- Forever 21 £11
Black Jumper- Primark £6
Two cheap jumpers, I fucking love the mint one been wearing non stop! the colour is just gorgeous. the black one is also great only 6 quid from primark and its so thick! can't wait till Autumns in full swing.
Nike Blazers- £66.99 'Early Birthday Present' 
Studded Flatforms- £20 Tribeca

Jumped onto the rather large bandwagon and got myself a pair of Blazers! I have wanted some for so long when I first started seeing them around and wanted some burgundy ones but they weren't available in the UK neither were many. Then I left it but since I had some money I thought fuck it I've wanted them for so long and bought them! I am in loooooove. I wanted the grey ones originally but annoyingly my boyfriend bought himself some grey ones a couple of months before me and so I ended up getting black. But tbh black goes with everything don't it.
Bought these flat forms after seeing the beige ones online, but went for black again as I thought it would be a sensible idea. Haven't worn them yet but I bought them to wear on nights out when heels/wedges are a no go these give height in a good way! 

Wow that was a big post, Hope you enjoyed it and now that I've kind off gotten back into actually buying clothes/ wearing nice clothes and not looking like a tramp then I believe my blogging life may come back! I have a few posts lined up so should be blogging. Although when I say that it seems to take me months to get them done but hay ho. Haven't done much since I last blogged if I'm honest I've been on a job hunt for most of it but getting no where! anyone else feel my pain! UGH job hunting sucks. 
ITS MA BURFDAY IN 2 DAYS I'm excited but I'm quite upset about growing old and not being 18 anymore, 19 is a proper age I have to start doing proper adult things, NOOO
Hopefully It'll be a good birthday right now I'm fighting the urge to go look in my chest of drawers as my boyfriends stashed my birthday present in there, bad idea Ed you know how much I can't resist! 

hope your all good and all you lot that have just started Uni/College, GOOD LUCK!
Love, Rose 


  1. Great purchases and oh my goodness my birthday is in 2 days too!!!

  2. That top is gorgeous! You've bought some lovely stuff!

    Jade x

  3. I bought those polka dot jeans too, how ridiculously comfy are they please?! So exciting about your birthday sweet, wish I had something like that to look forward to! Roll on, erm, Christmas! ;) xxxx

  4. Love all the new things, especially the peplum top. Have a lovely birthday! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. Ahhh the forever 21 jumper <3 tempted! You bought so many nice things, both the shoes are winners! I want the black to add to my blazer collection :)


  6. aaah oh my god, you bought so many lovely things! I'd probably say that the peplum top (haven't been thaaat into peplum but this one is awesome!), the topshop vest and the jumpers are my favies. I love jumpers in every form and colour and aah they are just fab hihi :-)

  7. I love the cut-out shirt, I'm so tempted to go to the Trafford Centre just for a mooch around Forever21!
    Job hunting does suck, I've been applying properly since the beginning of June and haven't had a single interview =[ Hopefully we'll both have good jobs soon!
    Happy early birthday! I'm 21 and not doing proper adult things yet :p

    Rubi x

  8. You bought some really nice things, I love the jeans and beaded top! :) and the blazers are lush

    Julia x

  9. Those polka jeans are amazing! And those jumpers :D

  10. I love the spotty jeans


  11. I want it all! Love the spotty jeans and the mint jumper, I just wish that there was a Forever 21 near me, ^^ x

  12. Need Nike Blazers in my life, along with some money haha! I love the things you bought and have a great birthday!

  13. I love the mint jumper! wish i had a Forever 21 near me! The peplum top looks gorgeous on you - i bought one in white last week but they only had the vest styled ones in. Ill keep my eyes peeled for the longer sleeves - I much prefer the look of them too xx

  14. love everything you have bought!! i have the peplum top too, its such a bargain! and im soooso jelous of your blazers, i love them! x

  15. waaa I really need to get myself a pair of Blazers! Dying to have some! Love what you've bought xo

  16. Great finds! I love the beaded top and these jumpers :)


  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for in 2 days ;) you got some great bits! x

  18. Loving those polka dot trousers, and those Nike Blazers, ooft!
    Happy birthday in advance, have an amazing one!!
    Krissy xoxo

  19. Really want to get a pair of blazers too - still SO undecided on which colour though! Happy Birthday for tomorrow - I agree with the whole turning 19 thing because I'll be turning 19 on 2 months, such a boring age! x

  20. i just fell in love with everything. there is nothing here i don't like!

    found the route

  21. ahhh, so many fantastic things going on here. love the nike blazers, excellent early birthday present if you ask me. and that peplum top looks so great! i can't fully commit to the trend yet, and i wish i could find a reasonably priced top to test it out!

  22. love love LOVE that cut-out top! might have to chase it down for myself! btw love your blog, so i subbed to your blog via RSS :)

    Miss drifted Snow White


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