16 October 2011

roll with it

Shirt (worn underneath): Forever 21
 Shorts :Urban Outfitters
Jumper: H&M
Ring: Primark
It looks like I'm back into the swing of things with blogging! this was my outfit from today..I'm loving the whole jumpers with the collars over the top so i decided to pair this grey jumper with my polka dot shirt! which i haven't actually worn that much since i bought it! also paired it with my denim shorts that I've been wearing a lot recently! I actually quite like this outfit. I did wear it with my hair up at first (First time evs) I'm trying to start doing more to my hair as i am quite lazy with it. I'm trying to perfect a top knot but it's not working so well at the minute! my necklace is a little clock too on the other side and my mum got it from an auction where she works really cheap so thats lovely. She also got me a lovely little watch but it doesn't work.
Another thing i want to show you is my purchases from Monki that arrived the other day! is it sad i was really..really excited.
so here it is! I love it ALL. I bought a mustard t-shirt which is more sheer then i thought but still lovely. I've been wanting some mustard in my wardrobe for a while so i think this is great..And will look good with jeans and a chunky scarf. Then i bought a camel cardigan which I've been wanting for a while I've fallen out of love with most of my cardigan - i guess thats what happens when you wear things too much but i bought this and i love it. Camel is gooooood colour, then finally i got the chelsea boots that i think everyone knows about!! so cheap too I love them. I was worried because of them being cheaper then normal that they would look cheap too but they don't! can't wait to wear them with thick socks in the winter think I've finally found my perfect winter boots after searching for ages..and failing miserably at it!
so luvin the cold weather right now.

so thats all I've got to say, I was going to post this earlier but fucking internet was being so slow and wouldn't upload my pictures. last week of college till half term which i need BAD! can't wait to sleep for a week..even though i can tell already that I'll be catching up on my work seeing as it's assesment the week i get back. Off to the V&A tomorrow with college which i think will be good were all off to see the postmodernism exhibition I've heard some amazing thoughts on it and its always good to get up to London! Hope you've all had a good weekend mines been pretty lazy but it was nice.

Love, Rose


  1. Gorgeous! You really are. I love the blouse under the knit too! And the knit is a good colour.
    Plus the photos turned out really well :-)

  2. I saw an Ad for that exhibition on the Tube for the V&A - it looks really interesting, shame i didn't have enough time in London to see it myself!

  3. Love your ring!! And your shoes are gorgeous need to get some new boots :)

  4. I love your outfit and the boots you bought, have fun at the v&a!

  5. Ooooh love these photos, they look v.arty haha! Your hair is amazing and that mustard top is just gorgeousss, my mum just walked past like 'oooh, ,whose is that, you should by that!' haha. Have fun at the V+E! Xxx

  6. Lovely outfit, I love the jumper and shirt combination as well. I absolutely love Monki, i'm planning on asking my mum for my whole christmas list off there! x

  7. Those boots are lovely and that exhibition looks amazing- i love the v&a

  8. Love the look of the spotty collar with the jumper! x

  9. loving the stuff from Monki!
    cute jumper!
    Krissy xoxo

  10. ooh, i love your monki buys! lovely outfits pictures too.


  11. wow. thoses shoes are divine!


  12. Love the outfit so much! Had my eye on those chelsea boots for ages!x

  13. I love that how you styled the polka dot blouse under the jumper ! It looks great ! That deer ring is SO beautiful x

  14. I love your jumper in the first outfit ! Its so pretty and looks so softtttttttt <3 !

  15. love the jumper peaking out, stunning! those boots are amazing too, must get myself a pair xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  16. Love love love this outfit!!

    Urban Outfitters is one of my fave stores to shop in! I love the colour of the knit and the blouse underneath looks fab!

    (PS. I'm your newest blog follower!)

    Niki @ LQM&M

  17. i love your style so much!it's always nice to see your stuffs!<3


  18. This is so gorgeous! I have been loving the jumper with collars trend too, it's so pretty! Also, excuse me whilst I drool at how perfect those boots are *___*

  19. Gorgeous outfit! I love the green jumper, wouldn't mind it myself haha. You've styled it perfectly, the collar and necklace are so effective xx

  20. I'm in love with your blog.

  21. Those have to be the most perfect Chelsea boots I've ever seen! I've really been lusting over a pair but all I've seen are heeled ones, so I'm glad to see there are flats floating around out there.
    Stunning outfit, your necklace is gorgeous.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  22. You look lovely :) Also love your Monki purchases!! Mine arrived the other day too, really pleased with the quality xx

  23. Glad you're back into blogging :)
    I love that new mustard shirt you bought, it's my favorite color.


  24. You are so pretty! I love the outfit!
    And I loved your blog =)*


  25. Gorgeous style!! I know what you mean about chelsea boots, its hard to find a decent price pair that don't look cheap, but these look really good! :) xxx

  26. Great outfit! :)



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