13 August 2013

Booked and a new journey for Rosedl

Hello I am back.
I really did think I was going to say goodbye to rosedl for quite some time, BUT I couldn't do it. I've missed blogging and I want to get started on the new direction rosedl will be going in.
So I said goodbye only a week or so ago but I am back and this is the start of the new travelling side of this blog because... I BOOKED MY FLIGHT!

I am off, 19th of November I will be flying across to the other side of the world.
I am insanely excited and I can't wait for it to come around the thought of being reunited with Ed and starting a new life in a whole new country is scary but amazing. Now more on the flight,
At the moment STA travel are having an ahmazing deal on flights to Auckland. I've been searching a long time for flights and have seen some 'cheap' flights floating around. But that is no where near as cheap as STA, before I thought I was looking at paying around £800 for a one way flight and was happy with that but today I went and paid £569 on a one way flight to New Zealand. I don't know much about airfares and shit but I think thats pretty fucking cheap! And I am very happy
I am flying with Air New Zealand which is a well known and pretty good airline which makes the price of the ticket even better as on their website they are advertising flights for £900+ so I got a good deal. I am doing everything else through STA travel too I think, Visa and insurance etc as I just feel a lot more secure doing it that way and they are really really helpful. If you are booking through STA I would book as soon as possible as I saw these deals about a week ago and they are already saying '1 seat left' etc so get in there quick!

Now its up to me to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately as most of you know I recently got let go off my job which is really horrible BUT I am staying positive and I know I will do it. I am doing everything I can to find a new job and I work mornings at a pub so I've just go to be very sensible and not spend money on stuff I don't need, I am actually getting my 21st birthday presents for my 20th so I can go haha.

This blog is now a travel blog! I will be updating you on my 3 months of preparation and getting everything sorted, As I think its nice to read things like that. When I started to think about travelling I didn't really know what I was doing but reading other peoples stories really did help and can make you feel at ease sometimes.
If ANY of you are thinking of travelling, even if its not Australia or NZ then please do check out Emmas blog (I have said this on twitter too) as its been a great help to me.

I've had quite a lot of questions (mainly on tumblr) on what I am doing when I'm there etc and tbh I can't really go into much detail as so far I don't really know. I will be living with Ed at his family home for the first stages and I am so incredibly grateful that I have that opportunity, When I arrive I will start looking for a job and hopefully from there I will start to earn my own money and maybe rent a room somewhere. I want to be independent as much as possible.
If anyone has travelled to New Zealand even if it was just a holiday I'd love to read some blog posts about it, I am staying mainly in Auckland as that is where Ed lives but will be travelling around both North and South island in my 2 years there so would love some suggestions. As well as Fiji and Australia! I am excited to say the least.

I hope some of you don't mind that this blog has turned into a different kind of blog but to be honest, I wasn't much of a 'fashion' blogger anyway eh 

Love, Rose   


  1. Ahh looks amazing!

    Emma x

  2. How exciting, booking a holiday is just the best feeling in the world! Hope you have a great time!

    I recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

    Thanks x

    1. It really is haha, I'll check it out now x

  3. That's incredible, what an amazing adventure! Can't wait to see these postsxx

    1. I hope I keep up with taking pictures etc when I do go so I can blog about them, Its nice to read travel blogs
      thank you x

  4. ooh you're flying out on my birthday! it sounds great, can't wait to see the photos :)

    1. hah ooo well both an exciting day for us then! :) X

  5. What a great experience that will be!

  6. That is the biggest step done with the flight, so exciting!
    I went to Sydney and NZ (South Island mostly) this year and recently got back, it was absolutely amazing and I hope you have the best time when you go. I used STA too and they were great, and yeah that's great deal on the flight! Looking forward to hearing your planning and travels, the time till you go will now fly by, it did for me! good luck xx

    1. I was so scared when I booked it like i thought woooooah I'm ACTUALLY going now! Glad I got such a good deal on them.
      Oh such a shame your on anonymous as I'd love to talk to you about your travels! Love hearing more experiences of peoples and stuff like that it gets me prepared haha.
      Thank you so much for the comment xxx

  7. I am beyond jealous that you're going to be travelling! It sounds so so exciting and i'm sure you're going to have an amazing time. I know how hard it can be being separated from your boyfriend and having to do long distance (not quite the same, but my boyfriend and I did 4 years apart whilst we were both at uni and even though we were 3 hours away it felt like a lifetime!)
    Excited to see you share all your adventures on here! Keep your chin up lovely :) x

    1. I can't wait! so scary leaving everything I'm used too and my family for 2 years but I know it'll be worth it.
      Oh shit 4 years is a long time for long distance! I bet it made you so strong though. I'm grateful that the time me and Ed are apart isn't as long as I thought it would be, we had a month apart and now we have 3 months so all in all it could be worse.


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