19 June 2013

Put the kettle on

Hello everyone a slightly different blog post to what I normally do. But who doesn't like a good cuppa eh?
I got sent this sample of tea by LoveTea the other week and I was so excited to share with you guys.
Now we all like tea and I can't say I normally experiment much with the tea I make as I just like a good old normal cup of tea or once in a while when I want to 'try' and be healthy I'll have a green tea. 
But this I found so fun, you get sent 3 little tea bags to try out and the leaves sealed securely in the silver packaging.
Now I did have photos of me making the tea etc but my IPhoto deleted them which is annoying. But it was easy to do and the tea tasted SO good, I wasn't really sure what I was getting as I have no idea what 'Himalayan Imperial Black' tea is but I just did it like a normal cuppa and put milk in it and it came out tasting so good if I'm honest I think your spose to have it just black with no milk but I have another 2 tea bags left so will try that next time.

I'd recommend trying out LoveTea as you get a different tea each month as well as free shipping to the UK!
I am now off to soak up the sun in the garden with my new tea
Love, Rose


  1. I've tried LoveTea too, such an amazing idea. Tea is what I wanna be sampling, not beauty products! :P xx

  2. cute post, love tea so much! it looks so good xx

  3. I love tea so much so definitely may have to give this a go! Peppermint is my favourite at the moment. I think I saw you in the lanes the other day but was too shy to say hello. Hope you are well lovely x

    Also i posted about the health benefits of tea ages ago, thought you might find it interesting.



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