24 July 2012

better late then never

Grey Top || H&M
Sunglasses || Beyond Retro
Cream Jumper || Charity Shop
Hamsa Palm Bracelet || Kukee
Above Knuckle Ring || Kukee

[[ Thought I'd broken the habbit of a post a month but it seems I haven't, This is going to be a weird post as I'm not quite sure what I have to say or what I'm trying to blog about but anyho. I'm sorry for the lack of posts and all I've been 'busy' HAHAHAHA of course I haven't. I've just been a lazy fucker and not done much with my life, I got back from holiday on like the 7th of July so that was about 2 and a half weeks ago or some shit and I've basically done nothing except go from mine and his, eat pizza drink beer and watch movies and breaking bad. Only recently have I ventured into the wide world cause of the sun so I'm sorry for being so lazy but I've got a lot of free time now as he's back at work (lol) and I'm free for a whole year due to no education and not going to uni. so lets hope this blog goes back to the way it used to be. ]]

With the explanation over I should probably start, pictures above are of the purchases I have made recently. I went shopping with my good friend Amber yesterday just before she goes to sri lanka for 3 weeks and I bought this grey vest top thing from H&M for a fiver I'm glad I found it as about 10 minutes before I almost bought one in Urban Outfitters for a whole lot more and I've been wanting one of these type of tops since I saw them a while ago in Topshop but me being stingy never bought one cause its always a rip off when they charge you like 20 quid for one T-shirt.
Annoyingly a few weeks before I went off to Greece I lost my sunglasses (luckily I had an old Primark pair to bring) but I never bought a new pair as I couldn't afford them. But yesterday I was having a browse through Beyond Retro and found these beauties for 8 quid and couldn't resist! Finally a pair of sunglasses that aren't shitty Primark ones.
Good ol' mirror picture aye. Showing the jumper I bought recently in a charity shop in Hamstead when I went up to London for my mummas birthday. Its a little too big but I do love it! I think I'm 100% more of a A/W type of person, I love layering and wearing jumpers!
For some reason coming back from Holiday always makes me wanna try something different and after seeing loads of lovely jewellery in Greece i felt as though I needed to make my jewellery collection a bit bigger and I came across the great website Kukee now you all know how stingy I am so spending money on jewellery is something I never do. BUT KUKEE IS SO CHEAP! I Love it. I bought this Hamsa palm bracelet and 2 above knuckle rings and I love them both! (blue bracelet is from Kavos)

Thought I'd show you all a few photos from my holiday seeing as I haven't blogged since going
Best week of my life was such a nice holiday and weather was amazing. Drinking and sunbathing for a week in Kavos! I did actually come back with a tan which I was so happy about. But cause Englands so shitty its kind off faded now!
(most pictures taken on disposable, and some taken from my friend Ceris pictures)

I hope your all enjoying this amazing weather we're having I'm hoping it'll last. I'm sorry for the lack of posts for so long now, I will hopefully get back into it and I'm sorry for this rather weird blog post I'll reward you if you actually read through the shit I write! Hope your all well and thanks for all sticking by me as my blogging pattern worsens hahah.

Love, Rose


  1. Love the kukee jewellery & H&M top! xx

  2. looks like you had a fantastic holiday, great photos! looking forward to more posts :) xo

  3. Great photos! Summer is the time to be LAZY LAZY LAZY it's totally fine. There are some days when I only leave my room for food haha.

  4. soo wish i was on that beach right now! lovely photos xx

  5. Love the photos, looks like you had lots of fun :) The sunglasses are soo nice and i love the hamsa bracelet. I want to get a tattoo of it haha xx

  6. your holiday photos look amazing, i wanna be away! x

  7. wow looks like you had a fab holiday! great jewellery :)

    rebecca x


  8. The little knuckle ring is adorable. Might have to get one for myself. x


  9. I love your Kukee jewellery :)
    Your holiday looked fab! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! x

  10. Love it! I am obsessed with kukee, I have filled up my virtual basket with practically every single thing on there!

    Zoe xoxo

  11. kavos looks *amazing*!

    hope we can follow each other :)


  12. Kavos looks so nice! and the sea, WOW! hope you had a lovely time xx

  13. Wow, looks amazing. I wish I was on the beach with the girls and cocktails after looking at these photos! x

  14. amazing snapshots! especially the tank top and the sunglasses!



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