20 March 2012

stripes once again

Stripe top- H&M
Black shirt-Forver21

worlds worst outfit pictures award should probably go to me, Oh and maybe worlds worst blogger as well? OH and worlds most disgusting Vans. 
Ok ok I'll stop giving myself awards and carry on, This was a quick outfit i pictured from Friday as I thought why not. I had some time so I thought I'd do it. Pretty simple outfit but I guess thats what you all expect from me. I love my breton top as you all know and I thought teaming it in a monochrome outfit would work pretty well! Still madly in love with my skull necklace. I love you RubyRaeLove

I don't want to have to apologise every time I blog because well it's just annoying but sometimes I do feel I have to justify myself. I'm trying to not let blogging become a chore for me which at the moment it seems to be which is sad. I'm really not the best time for me to be blogging I try as much as possible but I go to college everyday 9-5 and right now we've just started our final major project (yay) and all these uni interviews getting done it's just been a really, really busy time. And I've had a lot of other things outside of college going on as well so it's been busy and thats i guess the main reason. I'm going to be honest and say that I probably wont be back into blogging full swing un till summer I guess. I'm working at college up un till the 29th of June and ON the 29th of June I go to Kavos for a week with my friends, so I think after that I will get back into blogging. With a tanned bod (LOL JOKES I AM MOLK COLOUR ALL YEAR ROUND)
Happy birthday to my best friend Lily, well it was on Friday but what ever I thought she deserved a blog post. 
and so did her cake, ITS A FUCKING PENIS!? isn't it amazing. Me and my friend made it and we we're pretty proud. If all these universities fail (which tbh right now I think they will) at least I know I can go into making penises for a living. maybe I'll expand on to tits and bums as well who knows?

Hope you've all been good! hoping I will blog this week again as on Thursday I am going out to take photos for college and its a good chance to get an outfit post done seeing as I'll have my camera with me.

Thanks for sticking by me you lovely people, Love Rose

Quick update, the lovely people over at Chiara Fashion have given my blog a free delivery coupon for my readers. So if you would like it the coupon is 'rosedl'


  1. haha, I love the cake, i have to say it is bloody amazing! : D

  2. I like how you have layered the striped top over a shirt - love your vans too!
    harriet xo

  3. Nothing wrong with stripes + collar! And same, my blog dates are embarassing too... Working all the time! Looking forward to my tacky holiday in Ayia Napa in June too :)
    It would be mine

    1. oo jealous your going to Ayia Napa! looks amazing. EVERYONE is going there this summer hah!

  4. Hahaha your friends cake is awesome, I love all of the pink decoration ;) and I love your necklace xx

  5. HAhahhaha that cake is great! Made me laugh :D Also love your outfit! xxx

  6. oh i am loving that cake hahahaha :) x

  7. haha that cake is amazing. Love the striped top, you can't go wrong with that :) x

  8. Hahaha love the cake - genius!

  9. haha beaut cake, you're so talented ;) alsoo really like your skull necklace!

  10. I love the striped tops, you can never go wrong with them :) And your cake is amazing!! you should definitely be proud :)

  11. That cake has made my day aha :')

  12. I love your style! And you definitely have some cake decorating talent :p

  13. Gorgeous outfit, and ahahaha I love the penis cake, very creative :) xx

  14. I think you definitely have a fall-back talent here! Ahah I love the striped shirt, it's very cute :)

    x Joana


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