01 August 2011

I love you London

Earrings Forever 21 £3.15
Boots Topshop £45
A few bits i picked up when i went for a day in London with ma friend. We went yesterday and it was a nice day. We got the 9 o'clock train and was in london by 10.00 so it was actually really really nice walking along Oxford Street without the massive crowds and annoying people, there was hardly anyone about cause the shops didn't open till about half 11/12 ish. But yeah anyway those are some of the purchases i made. I'm surprised at myself for spending all my money on a pair of shoes but it needed to be done, I have been needing a new pair for so bloody long. and these- i know aren't summer shoes but it's soon going to be autumn and i think there be great for that! I loves em. Ok so i heard a few tweets about forever 21 and people saying they were a little disappointed at it. but none the less we went along and my friend was shocked at how cheap i was! I was quite shocked as well. I mean the clothes are a bit hit and miss and i wouldn't say they were my style. BUT on the other hand the jewellery was bloody amazing. And so cheap. These earrings only cost me £3 so thats a bargain in my eye. I think i have a little obsession with turquoise at the moment since coming buying the ring and bracelet on holiday.

I now have a full fringe people! I'm liking it but at the same time I'm finding it hard to get used to. and It's going to take a while cause my cow lick is making it separate but i think i can work it! lol. My model agency asked me to get one and i was kind of umming and arring about it anyway so i decided to do it  after all your comments telling me i should (so thanks for that!) and ah i was scared I'd hate it but it's fine and it still clips back ok so i can still have a free forehead at times (lol my forehead needs an outing once in a while now)
I will post a picture sooner or later, probs in my next outfit post which might be next week. I am off to Milton Keynes tomorrow (if only i was going abroad) for a few days..I'm back Saturday so I wont be posting till then! but it'll be nice. And I love train journeys so ya know. Shame the train journey is on a day where it's meant to be 29 degrees. On that subject hasn't the weather been bloody amazing! I spent my weekend with family on saturday and it was rather lovely we went to the beach and i looked after my cousin and taught him to stand on his own, proud of myself and him of course.
Sorry I'm not posting much recently but I will post in a week, have a good week peoples!

omg just read the date of this post, Can't believe it's August!! It means I'm 18 in a month..Fuck


  1. I really like your earrings.


  2. Ahh I work at F21 and it is madness in there, really hit and miss depending on the time of day etc! Yay for full fringe, it you get some baptise dry shampoo on it (even if its clean) and comb it and hairspray it it'll sort it out as I get that problem too :) x

  3. I bet you look beautiful with a full fringe! I like your purchases - it's always good to make early autumnal investments (:

  4. I LOVE the earrings!


  5. Really like those earrings! Looking forward to seeing a picture of your hair, don't know why but I love fringes. I find them quite versatile and dry shampoo is a fringe's best friend, whenever my fringe misbehaves I give it a good old spray and it works a treat :) xx

  6. Earrings, and those shoes. Want !

  7. Those shoes are fabulous! Definitely gonna be great to use in Autumn :) I'd love to get down to the new Forever 21 store. I too have heard a few hit and miss reviews about it.
    Can't wait to see your new hair! xoxo

  8. Love those boots and earrings! I really want to go to Forever 21 as it looks amazing! x

  9. Oww those boots are lovely! Was eyeing a River Island pair up on Thursday! I found Forever 21 kind of underwhelming: I went with Emma (milkteef) on Friday and everything was so unorganised, not very well merchandised and generally crap quality. Might be better in a few weeks once they settle into the store etc. though! xx

  10. Love the earrings!!!!

    Love your style! I'm deff following your blog!
    Check out mine when you get a chance?! I'm trying to reach 200!

    Elizabeth Hope

  11. I've heard great things about Forever 21, I hope to have a nosey in the store if i get chance soon, if not definitely hitting it in america!

  12. I love the earrings! Check my blog out if you get a chance openboxjewels.blogspot.com/ xxx

  13. Love the earrings, and I think I may have to buy those boots- they're great!



  14. some lovely purchases youve got there"!
    love http://www.wonderingwolves.blogspot.com/


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