06 December 2010

Sunday blog, done on a Monday week 11

Happy Monday!

001. I know this is meant to be Sunday blog, yesterday i got confused so posted something else then i realised i'd changed this to a Sunday..I might just do this kind of post when ever and where ever. Because yeah i dunno i like doing them it's something to catch up with everyone to tell them what i've been up to. But for the moment it'll be a Sunday blog.

002. I have to say..This isn't a good day for me today. It's probably been one of the worst I've had in a long time. I don't even know why it was such a bad day? College was fine I mean it was stressful cause we've got 2 weeks to finish this project and were behind because of the snow thursday and friday, but apart from that it's good. We started making our Body adornment pieces out of paper. mine got a lot of compliments i have to say so that was good, I'll probably post some pictures this week because i want you all to see what it's looking like!

003. I think my bad day came from the cold weather, It was just too cold to actually cope today they hadn't turned the heating on at college so i was sitting there shivering all day i never took my coat off thats how cold it was! And i did have an argument with my best friend so that made my day quite bad. but it's all sorted! I think it's just a down day, doesn't everyone get them? I'm sure i'll be fine tomorrow :)

004. 100 FOLLOWERS, wait wait no 102 FOLLOWERS. Thank-you all SO much it means so much, I never thought i'd get past 100, followers aren't everything to mean i just like comments. I like to think people read my bog and actually enjoy it and relate to me! so i hope alll you 101 followers, well readers! followers is a bad word to describe you lovely people, I hope you all are enjoying my blog. And if you have anything you want to ask me or tell me or suggest something for my blog then don't hesitate to email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk. This has made my day so thank you everyone. Wow a speech from rosedl right there!

3 to follow. 
3 very lovely and sweet people xo


  1. The cold weather always ruins my day too! Don't worry about your work, you'll pull it all together! :D xo

  2. itll all look up :)

    congrats on 100+ followers




  3. Everyone always gets them days, you look beaut in your picture. Congrats on the followers cutes, well deserved. Good Luck with your work, I'm sure you'll be fine :) I did a whole 6 week uni project in one night once....I KNOW I was lazy. xxx

  4. I'd love to see it in pictures! I get frustrated with the amount of work i get too, it's ridic! thanks for mentioning me sweetie, i love you billions!:)

  5. I'm pretty sure your number of followers will increase and increase :)

  6. Lovely picture, I love your hair by the way, I don't know if I've said that before, but I do.
    It's not been too cold here, the sun's been out all day, it's the evenings that are cold.
    CONGRATS on the followers.

  7. Victoria India- yeah i'm sure it'll be fine :) congrats on your 1000 followers! you deserve them all x

    Becky-May- i'm sure it will! thank you x

    FromGemWithLove- thank you lovely! 6 weeks work in one night omg how did you ever do that :O xxx

    Irene- I know i get SO much :( no problemo, love you too xxx

    Susanne- :)

    Helen- thanks! My hair always annoys me haha. i know it's freezing here too. specially the evenings!

  8. Congrats on the followers! Its cause you have a great blog :) Your completely right about the cold though, my feet have been freezing :( xx

  9. thanks for the mention sweetiieeee <3

    well done on the the followers too m'dear, you totally deserve them.

    i'm on 99, i'm like a nervous wreck! ahaha

    i hope you have a better day tomorrow. i'm the same though, i just can't get motivated to do work in this weather! gahhhh

    love <3

  10. Your blogs ever so cute!
    Must say, your ever so pretty and have amazing hair!
    I'm sorry to hear you've had a really bad day, hopefully things will start to brighten up :)
    Definately going to follow your blog, xx

  11. Alice-lily - aww thank you! i literally haven't had the motivation to do anything, thats why theres no posts since this one! the weathers just TOO cold :( xx

    Voodle- no problem! thank you, i bet your well over 100 now, so well done <3

    COURTZMELV- thankyou! oh wow thanks too. I hate my hair at the moment. xx


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